Why us

Dreamport is an online platform for independent travel managers.

Dreamport Platform is based in UAE. It is a part of Dyninno Group of Companies, that provides products and services in the travel, finance, entertainment, and technology sectors in 50 markets. It was founded in 2004 in San Francisco by Alexander Weinstein. Today, 3,500 professionals work in the company around the world. Our offices are located in the USA, UK, India, Colombia, Latvia, Moldova, Romania, Egypt, and the Philippines.
Who We are
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We empower the dreams of people worldwide with our everyday operations.

The Dyninno Group of Companies develops and implements innovations and technology in its products. As a result, casting professionals quickly find true talents, travelers get the best prices for flight tickets from over 60 airlines in a fraction of a second, and clients have access to loan products and financial instruments with a single click from anywhere in the world.


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employees and independent travel managers
employees and independent
travel managers



Our mission and values

Carrying out our mission, we empower dreams. We do it daily by following Dyninno's values.
We are responsible for actions and decisions
Making decisions and setting priorities independently and taking responsibility for them.
We have courage to continue
Resolving problems before they cause serious disruptions and looking for ways to overcome obstacles on the way to our goals.
We are taking charge
Adapting to changes in working conditions and circumstances and obtaining the knowledge and skills necessary for our operations. Also setting clear and measurable goals.
We focus on continuous innovations
Proposing improvement ideas for existing practices, processes, and products, identifying potential risks, and suggesting ways to manage them.
We are one team, and the team is a force
We ask teammates about their opinions on important decisions and we share knowledge, skills, and experience with colleagues. We engage with each other to discuss problems and search for solutions.
We look for true value for clients
By seeking to identify the client's real needs and understanding individual characteristics, we know how to find the right approach for different people.


For more information on Dyninno and its other business divisions, visit www.dyninno.com